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Corporate events for your team
Hi! We are a corporate culture agency Science & Leisure. With us, your team activities become even more significant and effective.

For 12 years, we have been creating urban, corporate, popular scientific projects, events, and research, as well as local media outlets.

We can organize all of this for your team—so that you can grow together and work more comfortably.
We know how to turn a regular corporate Zoom event into something you’ll enjoy.
An excellent way to bring together and support any team.
We connect team members, even if some work remotely and others are in the office.

Our formats

Corporate events with scientists
Science Slam
This is a battle of scientists: five researchers cleverly talk about science and your team chooses a winner.

For example, an economist will explain how to invest during a crisis, and a virologist will delve into the origins of infections. You can dedicate a slam to a specific topic.

We will select and prepare speakers, find a venue, and conduct the battle for you.
online from $4500
offline from $9000
Lectures by scientists
Lectures by scientists can be held in your office, outdoors, and even in a bar. This way, you'll learn more about the world and bond with your colleagues.

The choice of the topic is on you, the speaker is on us: we have been organizing the Science Bar Hopping festival for many years, so we have more than 1,500 contacts of scientific and academic experts in our database.
online from $1600
offline from $3800
That’s a professional dispute with colleagues on complex topics, ranging from neural networks to economic sanctions.

The debates consist of two rounds, with different teams tackling various topics. Each team prepares for their presentation with experts, defending a particular perspective. The host moderates the debates, and the audience selects those who they find more convincing.
online from $5000
offline from $10 000
Online breakfast, virtual bar, or a quiz
Our online events make team Zoom meetings anything but boring.

At breakfast before the workday begins, the team listens to short presentations from three experts and discusses them.

Virtual bar is another way to socialize, guided by a moderator in an online room. The quiz is a team trivia challenge led by a scientist—informative yet infused with humor.
online from $1000
Camps in various countries
We assist teams in meeting in various countries, such as Georgia, Lithuania, or Turkey. We take care of logistics and project coordination, as well as organizing accommodation and meals.

At the camp, we can arrange a strategy session, team-building in the mountains, or a dinner at a vineyard—we will tailor the program to your objectives.
offline from $5500
How else can we assist your team
Our sociologists and analysts are ready to help you research the product audience, set up internal analytics, and explore employee opinions for the HR department.

We also have expertise in newsletters and corporate media because we produce independent media outlets Paper and Paper Kartuli ourselves.
We have an extensive database of experts, coaches, facilitators and moderators.
Our employees work in Russia, Georgia, and the Baltic countries and are well-versed in the local context.
We have our own coworking and events space in Tbilisi; we’re skilled in organizing broadcasts and video production.
You can order a project of any complexity from us
Partners we made our special projects with
Have a rest and work with us
Your team will be more than satisfied!

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