Paper Agency
A team with 10 years of experience in digital, events and media.
  • Creation of effective texts
  • Producing foto and video content, podcasts and events
  • Design development for various media and products
  • Development of landing pages and sites with native or advertising content
  • Launch of educational programs for corporate clients
  • Creation of communication strategies and help in launching of corporate media
  • Organization of surveys, research and solution of public and intracorporate tasks

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Online media "Paper" in Russia and "Paper Kartuli" in Georgia
Independent media covering people, culture and current news.
  • A website with High Viewing Rate and engagement
  • Accounts in all popular social networks and platforms
  • Content in Russian, English and Georgian
  • Podcasts and shows on YouTube
  • Own support community
  • Mailing lists, surveys, research
  • Entertaining, supportive and educational activities
  • Merch for a loyal audience

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